Hi, I am Scot and am pleased you came to learn more about me. The pages within this site are a collection of information that I hope you find useful in your search.

Professionally, I have held varying positions over the years ranging from Geologist, Environmental Project Manager, Marketing & Technology Integration, and Network Engineer. With every position I have filled, I brought with me, all of my accumulated experiences and skills. I was able to acclimate quickly to my new environments and add something of myself to the position, and was well received. This breadth of experience, combined with my friendly personality make me a good fit in any organization that values its employees, and a can do attitude.

Currently, I am looking to expand upon my skills and experiences with a Project, Product, or Team Management position. I enjoy working with a diverse population and bringing out the best in people, whether they are associates, subordinates or vendors.

For many years I supported engineers and students in their computing needs at The University of Pennsylvania. During my tenure, I was able to attend Wharton’s Program for Working Professionals (WPWP). I was enrolled in Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, HR, Business Strategy and Negotiations classes. Marketing was one on my favorites, because of the synergy between the science and art of effective communications, Product development and Logistics (Channeling) to name but a few.

I am dedicated and hard working. I work best with others, when not working on my own, and like to be challenged in my work. I have experience with Internet Technology, and Infrastructure, creating marketing materials, and love interacting with people in general. I am a father of two, a husband of one, and a friend of many. I spend me free time playing with my children, playing guitar, tinkering and building vacuum tube amplifiers. I also enjoy finding fun events and opportunities; adding zest to life.

If you like what you are experiencing here, and would like to speak, please feel free to contact me.