The Infographic on Infographics

January 15, 2016

In my opinion, one of the Internet’s greatest contributions to humanity is they creation and distribution of the Infographic.  Talk about bang for the buck.  Chock full of informative goodness on a huge variety of topics (many complex), Infographics use rich and imaginative  graphs and images to relay high density data & relationships among topic […]

2015-11-30 22.28.44

Scooping the Mids

December 1, 2015

Most guitar players know how to turn the knobs to get the frequency balance they are looking for from their amps. But I doubt that they really understand what is happening to the guitar signal with those little knob changes. I was chasing down an elusive noise when i hooked my LLamaTone Phoenix MXL20, hand […]

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Line Up

November 24, 2015

A moment in time where an artist was coming to the the shop. I lined all my currently running builds for a LLamaTone featured artist. Forgive the Über-stylized effect, I grabbed this from my Instagram feed. As in life, the trouble in building tone is knowing from where to begin… choices, choices…here are a few […]


March 6, 2015

A list of cheat sheets from around the web that i use in administering IP networks. Bash Cheat Sheet Chmod Chart



April 17, 2013

This is one of those moments where the record button just happened to be on.  I call this blues/slide guitar short PonyBottle, because it is lightning in a bottle, but at 56 seconds, its more like a pony bottle.  Enjoy.

Web Des-eye-gn

November 19, 2007

Someone has taken the time to collect data from various eye-tracking studies on Web design topics and has arranged it into a usable form. Most of it makes perfect sense to me, like people not wanting to read long paragraphs.  But a few are not what I had expected.  If you are a web developer […]