The Infographic on Infographics

January 15, 2016

In my opinion, one of the Internet’s greatest contributions to humanity is they creation and distribution of the Infographic.  Talk about bang for the buck.  Chock full of informative goodness on a huge variety of topics (many complex), Infographics use rich and imaginative  graphs and images to relay high density data & relationships among topic […]

Web Des-eye-gn

November 19, 2007

Someone has taken the time to collect data from various eye-tracking studies on Web design topics and has arranged it into a usable form. Most of it makes perfect sense to me, like people not wanting to read long paragraphs.  But a few are not what I had expected.  If you are a web developer […]

In Google we Trust

November 1, 2007

I know I’m not letting the cat out of the bag with this one, but I do have to say that Google has a follower in me now, after Analytics 2.0. Offered as a free service, this handy web 2.0 application is an invaluable tool for any Tech/Marketing professional or even the small time blogger […]

Put it On My Tabs

October 25, 2007

Site navigation just got easier. Before, if you wanted tabbed navigation on you site, you needed a vector illustration and slicing application, and you had to be a bit fancy to get it to look right. The Navigation Tab Generator has done away with that! TabsGenerator.com is a web.2.0 application that allows you to build […]

Test your web design in different browsers

October 25, 2007

With HTML being an interpreted “language”, creating websites that look consistent on everyone’s screen used to be a real headache. Between font sizes and table widths, Intenet Explorer and Mozilla would show different looking pages. Oi! But I’ve found a simple solution. I use a web application called Browser Shots to view how my websites […]