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Network Diagrams

By Scot, February 19, 2016

I recently updated a client’ network, and needed to create overview documentation.  Do to limitations from the cloud host the client partnered with, the decision the split the VOIP and Data networks completely was made.  For such a simple network, I needed a simple visual data tool. is a perfect solution for developing simple to complex flow charts, diagrams and floor plans.  Gliffy is an online application WISIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) that makes the most complex data easy to document and visualize.

Without being too simple, Gliffy’s user interface runs in your browser and provides hundreds of common and specialized icons and image sets for most any project.  In this case I chose the business network icon set, included and started right away.  Gliffy offers help with useful tips and online tutorials.

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Unfortunately, Gliffy is not a free service (after the 30-day trial).  Subscription starts at $4 a month for individual users and up to $9 for a business account.  The price includes cloud storage, and image export to many popular file types, as well.  Find out more at

The images have been altered to protect the innocent, any likenesses are purely coincidental…