Guitar Neck And Modes

By Scot, October 25, 2007

click to see PDFI usually play guitar in the Mixolydian mode, well a version of it anyway, but if I want to break out I would get into trouble. So I have created a neck schematic with different modes for playing the entire neck. I used Excel to map the neck and used color to map the notes. For simplicity, I kept everything in the key of A, but it’s easy to change to another in your head. I had to scale it for a large format Paper for printing (11″x17″) so all was clear.  Just click on the image to see the PDF.
I can now move anywhere on the neck and still be in key. I’d like to develop a guitar neck with OLED’s that would illuminate the modes and keys. It’s already in my head how it can work, but getting it to wood and economic is the hard part. Check back.