In Google we Trust

By Scot, November 1, 2007

I know I’m not letting the cat out of the bag with this one, but I do have to say that Google has a follower in me now, after Analytics 2.0. Offered as a free service, this handy web 2.0 application is an invaluable tool for any Tech/Marketing professional or even the small time blogger alike. It is an exceptional statistical tool for reporting site visits, visitor host names, OS and Browser info, Goole search results and even allows you to see map overlays from where your visitors coming.
All that is required is a gmail address and a publicly available web site. Having a small amount of technical savvy always helps too. After registering with Analytics, you need to include a short script that includes your account number onto every page that you wish tracked.
I enjoy seeing which pages are most visited and for how long. But don’t worry, Big Brother is not watching. Google has kept anonymity for all of you. With all of the information gleaned ,little is done to associate discrete data points with one another. I can see that some one has read this post, but not when or whom, and I can read that someone from Germany has visited and bounced off, but I cannot distinguish when or who.

Google analytics is an outstanding at crystal ball readings of how your site are being used by others, and thats all the magic I need.