Test your web design in different browsers

By Scot, October 25, 2007

www.browsershots.comWith HTML being an interpreted “language”, creating websites that look consistent on everyone’s screen used to be a real headache. Between font sizes and table widths, Intenet Explorer and Mozilla would show different looking pages. Oi! But I’ve found a simple solution.
I use a web application called Browser Shots to view how my websites look on different browsers and OS’s. Just use your browser (any one will do). The folks at Browser Shots will view your page in a virtual realm and report screen shots for any/all browser/OS combinations your choose.

Just enter your page URL and select the browsers you want. The only downside I see so far is that you have to wait before you can see the images; approx 30 min. But all you do is used tabbed browsing to keep yourself busy. When finished, you can see how others will see your site. No more guess work, nor installing every browser known to exist. I wonder how this site looks on Netscape 1.1?