The Infographic on Infographics

By Scot, January 15, 2016

In my opinion, one of the Internet’s greatest contributions to humanity is they creation and distribution of the Infographic.  Talk about bang for the buck.  Chock full of informative goodness on a huge variety of topics (many complex), Infographics use rich and imaginative  graphs and images to relay high density data & relationships among topic elements, and they are free: Big bang, no buck.

Over time topics expanded to the topic of Infographics themselves.  The graphic below is a prime example.

via Zabisco

Note the simple color scheme, two blues a gray and orange highlights.  Regardless of the complexity of the topic, simplicity reigns.  Simplicity is the key to understanding the complex.  That probably is the main reason I adore infographics so much; They’re simply complex!

In  writing this post I stumbled upon an Infrgraphic purportedly made by Charles Darwin.


Via PBS.com

So I guess I spoke too soon about the Internet’s Role in Infographic creation, but Darwin was a bit ahead of his time so maybe that evens the score…