Where did all my free space go?

By Scot, December 2, 2009

As a network engineer, I need to know what type of data resides on my network.  However, my SAN lacks windows or a porthole to stick my head in so I see what is where.  To get a better view, I use an application, made in Germany, called TreeSize (…and you know the Germans always make good stuff).  The Germans in this case being Jam Software GmbH.

TreeSize comes in both  freeware or Professional versions; the biggest difference being the ability to scan network drives.  Either version runs exclusively on Windows 2000 or newer (I run it on Windows 7 with no issues).

I like TreeSize because it gives multiple views to discern what data is on your drives. As seen in the pictures below, TreeSize shows graphical representation in different formats.  I especially like the the treemap view.

Our Drive space on our SAN was dwindling and I suspected that much of the data was old and/or personal files.  Using TreeSize, I was able to free up over  45 gigabytes of useless data, including pictures of retired employees’ families and defunct backup files, re-organized our data warehouse and have identified over 200 gigabytes of files to be moved to archive. With a $50 dollar application I saved my company from spending thousands of dollars on new drive space (read SAN), and increased the efficiency of over 100 users.   First beer, and now this; I love the Germans!