Dynamic and resourceful with a desire to grow and overcome. That’s how I briefly explain myself, if I must. I usually don’t have to, nor enjoy doing so, but in the competitive market of career opportunities, I must.

Unfortunately that brief description leaves out how I endeavor to treat everyone with respect and compassion, or how I thrive working closely with others and enjoy human/technical interaction.

It completely omits my creative side and how I solve problems or manage projects by first, gathering data, then segmenting the whole into smaller pieces: divide and conquer.

Perhaps I should expand it by adding information about my background as an “IT department of one” for the last 10 years, or as lead guitar player in my band, or even custom amplifier builder for other artists.

Truth be told, I am more than a brief description, I am much more.

I am now seeking new opportunities within the IT domain to join a team who desires a bright, creative administrator, manager or network engineer.