Job Seeker Scot

So I find myself in a tight spot. My boss, scowling at me again, asks “what did you do in your previous job?”. I answered, as I had in the interview, that for 9 years, I was an IT department of one, responsible for all IT and digital marketing activities for a private, data rich, company. From planning, budgeting, procuring, racking, and installing server, network and telecom gear (with some help from my vendors), to top tier user support; including everything in between.

I had created websites, technical sales drawings and email campaigns to create a stronger brand image. I had researched, installed and trained users for new software packages and server upgrades. New data, VOIP, and telecom networks were run and punched by my hands. The challenges of fishing Cat6 cables and setting up distribution frames throughout 100 year old factory buildings were unique. For 9 years, I learned, adapted, documented and conquered.

But now things were different, I was now at the corporate headquarters of a growing healthcare service provider. Although, my new position as a Project Manager for hospital construction projects was a dream job, as far as interesting and challenging go, there were too many misalignments between our expectations and the stark reality of that moment; when my boss was asking me again about my previous experience.

Unbeknownst to me, she had expected me to hit the ground running. During the interview, I had stated that I’ve managed IT projects within my 19 years of IT experience, however, we never did define what the word project meant to each of us, until that day; 3 months into my position.

It was precisely at that moment we both agreed, we had made a mistake…

I am now seeking new opportunities within the IT idiom to join a team who desires a bright, creative administrator, manager or network engineer.